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Free SEO Course

First, read the introduction.

In this free SEO course, I teach you only what you really need to know. The course aims to give you quick and efficient SEO training.

I show you exactly what to implement and how to do it with practical SEO tutorials.

Follow the easy to understand step-by-step instructions and you will make big improvements to your SEO strategy.

Put the work in and increase your organic search traffic in just days.

You will learn:

  • > The perfect WordPress website setup
  • > How to craft a solid SEO content strategy
  • > Do keyword research like a pro
  • > Implement rock solid on-page SEO
  • > Key SEO analytics using Google Analytics + Search Console


I urge you not to pay hundreds or thousands of dollars of your hard earned money on other courses.

You will find most of the same content and ideas right here.

These are SEO tactics and strategies that I used to plan, build, launch, and grow a men's blog to over 1 million monthly users.

Get started now, and start growing your traffic in a much bigger way.